April 14th, 2006


вопрос: является ли вариант написания "жОлтый" только поэтическим приемом или был когда-то нормой?
  • mitr

The New York-St. Petersburg Institute

Вот оно! Что у нас ожидается в июле.

The New York-St. Petersburg Institute
of Cognitive and Cultural Studies
4th Annual Summer Institute
July 3-21, 2006

The New York-St. Petersburg Institute (NYI) is an advanced study program organized every July in St. Petersburg, Russia as a joint project between St. Petersburg State University and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Participants take seminars with visiting international scholars in a range of fields in the humanities and social sciences, especially those that do not fall neatly into traditional discipline areas. In July, 2005, over 100 participants received certificates for completing 8 Seminars in Cognitive and Cultural Studies at NYI.