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The LJ Linguistic Society
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The LiveJournal Linguistic Society is a community devoted to linguistics and natural languages.

If you want to ask how to translate "a vertical lathe" into Spanish or wonder how to spell the word "infiltrat[o?e?]r", you'd better go somewhere else. But if you are searching for a particular Proto-Balto-Slavonic etymology or feel like discussing the peculiarities of case marking in Australian languages - you are definitely welcome!

Members are welcome to post in any languages, although English is preferred as an international language of science. At least until we will develop some pidgin/interlanguage of our own...

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aboriginal languages, agglutination, alphabet, anaphor, aphasia, applied linguistics, aspect, bilingualism, case marking, child language, chomsky, clause, comparative linguistics, compounding, conjugation, constraints, creoles, cross-reference, de saussure, deixis, derivation, diachronical linguistics, distinctive features, endangered languages, ergativity, etymology, evidentiality, exotic languages, extinct languages, field linguistics, fieldwork, functional linguistics, functional typology, givon, government-binding theory, gpsg, grammar, grammatical categories, grammatical relations, grammaticalization, hpsg, incorporation, indigenous languages, indoeuropean linguistics, indogermanische, inflection, information structure, language, language acquisition, language contacts, language disorders, language policy, lexeme, lexicography, lfg, linguistic typology, linguistics, literacy, mathematical linguistics, meaning, metaphor, minimalist program, modality, morpheme, morphology, morphophonemics, movement, native speakers, neurolinguistics, nlp, noam chomsky, np, optimality theory, orthography, paradigm, phoneme, phonetics, phonology, phrase structure, pidgins, predicate, private speech, prosody, psycholinguistics, roman jakobson, semantics, semiology, semiotics, sentence, sociolinguistics, sprache, sprachwissenschaft, structural linguistics, subject, syntax, template morphology, tense, text, text linguistics, typology, universal grammar, universals, verbal behaviour, vp, wh-movement, word, wordform, x-bar theory, Язык, значение, историческое языкознание, компаративистика, лингвистика, лингвистическая типология, математическая лингвистика, морфема, морфология, морфонология, нейролингвистика, отипл, парадигма, подлежащее, полевая лингвистика, полевые исследования, порождающая грамматика, предложение, прикладная лингвистика, психолингвистика, семантика, семиотика, синтаксис, словоизменение, словообразование, словосочетание, смысл, социолингвистика, структурная лингвистика, типология, универсалии, универсальная грамматика, фонема, фонетика, фонология, эргативность, этимология, языки, языкознание


история, криминал, образование, общество, политика, религия, финансы, искусство, литература, музыка, спорт, фантастика, еда, животные, природа, путешествия, медицина, философия, дети, семья, it, авиация, компьютеры, наука, технологии, россия, юмор, психология, экономика, транспорт, напитки

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